Service Learner Testimonials (Fall 2015)

For Service Learners who may be considering El Jardín for your next service site, check out what other students had to say!

“Working at El Jardín as a Homework Helper has been nothing but a great experience. Kaytie, my team, and the kids are awesome which made service learning a breeze. Seeing all the positive outcomes and grade improvements has made me feel so rewarded and grateful for my participation. In my service learning course we have learned a lot about the importance of giving back to the community. I realized that just by taking 3 hours out of my week to help the younger community had such a positive outcome.”

-Ashley Enos, CSUMB Service Learner, Business Administration Major

“El Jardín provides a service to students of Salinas that is invaluable. A platform is in place for CSUMB Service Learners to enable students from high school to elementary school to succeed academically while giving the service learners an opportunity to reflect on their prior academic experiences. It is a great place to serve and it is advantageous in the sense that it provides you a structured schedule that will ensure successful completion of your service hours requirement. It is also a place where your opinion matters. You are not just there to take directions. Your opinions are taken into consideration and adjustments occur promptly. Kayti is very understanding and flexible when it comes to accommodating our needs. All in all, it’s a great site to serve and you’ll leave knowing that your time spent was greatly appreciated.”

-Andres Hernandez, CSUMB Service Learner, Human Communication Major

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