Our Story

For brothers Gerry and Victor Ramirez, farming is more than their work—it is their passion.  Having grown up on a ranch, they worked alongside their parents and six siblings in the strawberry fields from a very young age. They learned the technical aspects of farming, from ground prep to planting to harvesting.  But perhaps more importantly, they gained a deep-rooted understanding and respect of the life of the field worker.

After years of field working experience, Gerry and Victor founded NorCal Harvesting in 1995. Their goal was to organize the workers, providing a premier labor force to local farmers. They credit their success in this endeavor to their own experience “being the crew.” This experience would also come in handy when they decided to start Bayview Farms a few years later. Since 1999, Bayview Farms has allowed them to pursue their true passion: farming. They set out to grow the best berries in the world.

The strawberry fields are like home for Gerry and Victor. Their experience has given them a unique and insightful foundation upon which they continue to build their companies. This foundation inspires their mission: farming with excellence, integrity, and compassion. As 3rd generation farmers, Gerry and Victor are proud to continue their family’s farming legacy.