El Jardín Community Connection

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El Jardín Community Connection

How It Works

Step One
A NorCal employee visits, calls, or emails the office to request information about local child care, before and after school programs, family health programs, affordable housing, scholarships, etc.  An El Jardín Team Member refers employee to United Way’s 2-1-1 service.

Step Two
At employee’s request, an El Jardín Team Member researches community programs and assembles a personalized packet outlining requested information.

Step Three
An El Jardín Team Member meets with employee to go over packet and assist with any next steps.


“Fue ayuda muy grande.  También estoy compartiendo información con otros miembros de mi familia.”

“I have been using the information on the [2-1-1] online database.  I was able to download the applications I needed, and I was able to read up on more information I wasn’t aware of.”

Request Information

If you are an employee of NorCal Harvesting and would like to request information from El Jardín, click here.